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About ANVIET Advance Nonwoven Vietnam Co.,Ltd

A Japanese global company that network Asia is producing PP spunbonded nonwoven fabric in Vietnam.

ANVIET is one of the international nonwoven industrial enterprises with bases in Japan and China in the Asian region. By utilizing its multinational nature, it is possible to propose products with high quality and price advantage by optimum location production to customers. Especially Indochina Peninsula which is the center of Asia, Vietnam has superiority in logistics.

Company Profile

Advance Nonwoven Vietnam Co.,Ltd. (ANVIET)
No.14, Hoa Cam Industrial Zone, Cam Le District, Da Nang City, Vietnam
TEL +84 2363 688 188/189
FAX +84 2363 688 190
Capital 150million dollars
Establishment January 2014
Number of employees 50 stuff
Production volume 2500t /year
Factory site 2.1ha

Not only PP nonwoven fabric, but also production equipment for CPE film raw material is prepared, we will support mass production.

Anviet PP films

Production items
Polypropylene Spunbond Nonwoven
Cast Polyethylene Film (CPE)
Embossed film
Lamination of PPSB + CP