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To Japanese companies
To Japanese companies in Southeast Asia

To Japanese companies

 Quality control by Japanese

Quality control by Japanese management

Vietnam has a national character that is suitable for very detailed work, as can be seen from the growth of an excellent sewing industry. By combining the know-how of Japanese companies with top-level quality control in the world, it has become possible to produce high-quality products. In addition, the top management is a Japanese who has a lot of experience, and directly manages production and gives guidance locally.

To prevent contaminations and vision inspector

The entire non-woven fabric manufacturing machine is covered with a fine mesh to prevent contaminations. In addition, we are equipped with a transmission type and reflection type vision inspector using a high-speed line camera equipped with a Japanese-made lens to check contaminations and defects.

Defect detector
East-West Economic Corridor

Enhancement of sea routes and air plane routes connecting Japan and Vietnam

Da Nang has an international airport, an East-West Economic Corridor that crosses the Indochina Peninsula, and Da Nang Port facing the South China Sea. Hoa Cam Industrial Park, where ANVIET is located, is within 5 km from Da Nang International Airport and 7 km from Da Nang Port, making it an excellent location for product shipping and distribution. Da Nang City is the starting point of the East-West Economic Corridor, and can respond promptly to all land, sea and air logistics networks.

Ecology valued in advanced countries such as Japan

Although it is changing towards a “sustainable recycling-based society” that minimizes resource consumption and is low-pollution mainly in developed countries, Anviet is actively promoting products with biomass based and biodegradability in the spunbond nonwoven fabric industry. We are developing them. We will create products with a high social esteem by anticipating social pressure on products that destroy the environment and efforts to protect the environment, which are becoming increasingly severe.


To Japanese companies in Southeast Asia

 Knowledge of Japanese companies

As a Japanese company, we will respond to Japanese technical requirements

PP spunbonded non-woven fabric is one of the commodity plastics that has a wide range of uses and is used all over the world.  In addition, since the top of management is a Japanese who has a lot of experience, we will provide products in Southeast Asia that have grasped the quality nuances of Japanese companies with the highest quality standards in the world.

Familiar with tariffs and trade circumstances between ASEAN and neighboring countries

Anviet has group companies and factories with trading functions in Japan and China. In addition, we have accumulated know-how for importing and exporting from Japan or Southeast Asian countries other than Vietnam, so you can place an order with confidence, from tariff preferential treatment to efficient shipping and container sharing.

Import and export knowledge
 Ecology product

Needs for ecological products are increasing in rising countries

As the industry grows, consumption power is expanding throughout Southeast Asia. It is the rising countries that are renewing their facilities that are likely to receive new trends, including infrastructure, but they are making a similar style to the developed countries by making rapid improvements to the environment. Anviet's ecology products match the social trends and needs of Southeast Asia.