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▶︎PBAT spunbond nonwoven fabric

The resin of PBAT spunbond nonwoven fabric has acquired "OK compost HOME" certification.

"OK compost HOME" certifies that household compost is biodegradable.
PBAT (Polybutylene Adipate Terephthalate) is a thermoplastic polyester resin that is polycondensation of 1,4-butanediol, adipic acid and terephthalic acid.
PBAT has the excellent biodegradability of aromatic polyesters, and among biodegradable plastics, it is extremely flexible and tough, and has properties close to those of polyethylene. In general, it is often used in films such as mulch films and compost bags, but we have succeeded in making spunbond nonwoven fabrics.

PBAT Spunbond Nonwoven

Asian Price, Japanese Quarity, Schedule Adherence

▶︎BioPBS Spunbond nonwoven fabric

For the first time in the world, we have succeeded in creating a spunbond nonwoven fabric from BioPBS, which is a biomass based and biodegradable resin. It is ambient compostable and decomposes into water and carbon dioxide in soil.

Polybutylene succinate (PBS) is a biomass based and biodegradable plastic that is naturally decomposed into water and carbon dioxide by the force of microorganisms in the natural soil. In addition to biodegradability at normal temperature, it has a good balance of heat resistance and flexibility. ANVIET has succeeded in making Spunbond nonwoven fabric of BioPBS for the first time in the world. The Biomass Plastic certification and the Green Plastic certification have been obtained by the Japan Bioplastics Association (JBPA), which will contribute to the reduction of plastic waste and the use of exhausted raw materials.

BioPBS Spunbond Nonwoven


Elastic Nonwoven “FLEXPUN”

ANVIET started production of elastic nonwoven fabric from 2017. ANVIET elastic nonwoven fabrics are available with specifications that can meet customer's demands from thin to thick. Elastic nonwoven fabric is a material that can be used for a wide range of applications, including sports bandages, bandages for medical, anti-slip tapes such as rackets and so on.


We have developed an advanced biomass based polyolefin spunbond nonwoven fabric (BioALFIN).

ANVIET can produce BioALFIN with a biomass content of up to 50% using Braskem's Green PE, which is a biomass based polyethylene, for the production of BioALFIN. Biomass based plastics synthesized from raw materials containing renewable biomass-based materials have the property of being carbon neutral. Even if it is incinerated, it has the feature that it can suppress the increase of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, which is one of the global warming substances, compared to the conventional petroleum-based plastics. As a Japanese company, ANVIET proposes polyolefin spunbonded non-woven fabric with advanced technology of Japan that has little impact on the environment.

 BioALFIN circulation process

Existing Products

Applications of PP spunbond nonwoven fabric

PP spunbond non-woven fabric has wide range of use.



surgical mask




Furniture and Interior




Suit cover

Use for Industrial/

Packaging material


protective Cloth(Coverall, Isolation Gown)protective equipment (Glove, Face mask)

Protective clothing
surgical mask



Taft carpet base cloth
Condensation prevention sheet
Wall coverings
Soundproofing materials
Vibration-proof material
Curing sheet

▶︎Furniture and Interior


Carpet (carpet, carpet base cloth)
Furniture Parts (Coil spring cover of Mattress, Under cover of Sofa)
Joinery (Shoji Paper, Tatami base cloth, Shade)
Wall Paper
Ornaments (Pennant, Roll Screen, Artificial Flowers)


 Storage bag
Suit cover

Storage Package (Storage Bag, Suit Cover, Insect repellent cover)
Wrapping Material (Wrapping Cloth, Wrapping Bag)
Packaging (Shopping Bag, Drawstring bag)
household goods (Calendar, Grip Sheet, Eye Mask, Book Cover, Antibacterial Sheet)
Kitchenware (Sink Garbage Bag)
Table Top (Tablecloth, Place Mat, Coaster)
Sporting Goods (Golf Club Head Cover, Racket Cover)

▶︎Use for Industrial/Agriculture

●OA equipment (DVD packaging) ●Use for Agriculture (Cushioning material, Mulch Sheet,  Fruit Protect Bag) ●Cartridge Filter

 Packaging material
Fruit and vegetable tray
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